Professional Services of The HR DoctorŽ, Inc.

  • "HR DIAGNOSTICS" - The HR DoctorŽ, Inc. will review and evaluate the agency's HR programs (including rules and policies, personnel files, and critical incident procedures), interview major stakeholders and prepare a report to the client with observations and recommendations - a "blueprint for improvement". Development of a "Business Plan" to implement the recommendations in the Diagnostic Report is a related follow-through service.
  • "HR ER" - The HR DoctorŽ, Inc.'s "HR Emergency Room" will be available 24 HOURS A DAY for clients to present acute HR problems requiring EMERGENCY CONSULTATION for advice and support. Typical issues in the "HR ER" will involve intervention in critical incidents such as sexual or race-based harassment, threats or acts of workplace violence, natural disaster recovery and de-briefing, pre-disciplinary advice, or decision support in the appointment of a new key executive. The "HR ER" response will be by phone, teleconferencing, e-mail and fax. As needed, however, emergency on-site support by a representative of The HR DoctorŽ, Inc. or a multi-specialty team can be arranged within 48 hours.
  • "The HR COACH" - An agency may have a senior HR DoctorŽ, Inc. professional serve as mentor, coach or advisor to a selected staff member to develop the individual's knowledge and capacity to make effective HR decisions. The staff member may be an HR Director or professional or a manager in a line operation such as Public Works, Fire, law enforcement, or general administration whose contribution to the agency would be enhanced by improved HR skills.
  • HR DIRECTOR SELECTION SUPPORT - The HR DoctorŽ, Inc. will support an agency's search for a new HR Director in a range of individually tailored ways from overall management of the selection process to assistance with finalist interviews or reference verification.
  • HR STAFF DEVELOPMENT - training and mentoring for HR staff will be available to clients including professional development workshops and presentations and organizational design and restructuring advice.
  • HR POLICY DEVELOPMENT - in close collaboration with agency decision-makers, The HR DoctorŽ, Inc. will recommend policies to reduce liabilities and encourage performance excellence. Policies involving prevention of workplace violence, sexual or race-based harassment, or other forms of inappropriate workplace behaviors, employee assistance, benefits, and staff recognition and rewards, are examples.
  • MANAGEMENT/SUPERVISORY TRAINING - single or periodic workshops can be presented to agency executives and supervisors on strategic HR excellence concepts and issues. These would always include a "clinical" component to focus on problem-solving process.
  • "HR RISK MANAGEMENT REWARD" PRODUCTS - Clients of The HR DoctorŽ, Inc. will be taking actions to reduce risks. This proactive approach will be rewarded by making available to clients the opportunity to purchase individual liability defense insurance and special workplace violence protection insurance. These "HR Risk Management Reward" products protect clients from personal legal defense costs in cases where claims are filed against the individual arising out of HR decision-making after the county's legal defense of the employee ends. The workplace violence protection coverage will provide life insurance, disability and long term care coverage for clients of The HR DoctorŽ, Inc. if they become victims of workplace violence. These "rewards" are "value-added" benefits of HR DoctorŽ, Inc. affiliation.
  • OTHER PROFESSIONAL SERVICES from The HR DoctorŽ, Inc. to support agency excellence will be available as needed including classification and salary recommendation, benefit review and consultation, tailored training interventions and needs assessments, executive recruitment and reduction in force management and mitigation. Critical incident intervention, employee assistance, employment law support, and consultation will also be available from The HR DoctorŽ, Inc. and its expert affiliates.

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