How to become a "Patient" of The HR Doctor®, Inc.

Putting the The HR Doctor®, Inc. on your management team is easy!

Arrange for a NO COST consultation at a convenient time. Phil Rosenberg, President of The HR Doctor®, Inc. will be pleased to discuss your agency's needs.

Contact The HR Doctor®, Inc...

  • by e-mail (just click here)
  • by fax at (352) 821-4737
  • by phone at (954) 816-HRDR (4737)
  • by mail at P.O. Box 268, Weirsdale, FL 32195

An ANNUAL PROFESSIONAL RETAINER agreement is the agency's best approach.

The HR Doctor®, Inc. comes to know your staff and its priorities, will make "house calls", and can better assist in the long run. It is also the most cost effective approach. The agency pays a monthly fee, based on size and complexity, for 24 hour a day access to The HR Doctor®, Inc. services including the initial HR Reconnaissance, HR ER, Policy Development, and HR Staff Development.

A "FEE FOR SERVICE" arrangement can also be made for The HR Doctor®, Inc. to provide specific services.

The HR Doctor®, Inc. will conduct a Diagnostic Review, develop a Business Plan, draft policies, design programs, facilitate meetings and goal setting workshops, and conduct training for example - all in support of your agency's goals.

Many agencies, for example, wish to be proactive in Workplace Violence Intervention and Prevention. Another example is Professional Development Seminars for Managers and Supervisors to equip them with the knowledge and confidence to recognize and respond effectively to workplace liabilities such as Unlawful Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, and more. There are many opportunities for The HR Doctor®, Inc. to add significant value to an organization's management team!

Every successful team needs a coach - especially a team of managers and supervisors in the era of modern Human Resources!

Put The HR Doctor®, Inc. to work supporting your agency!

The investment you make for your agency will be returned in many positive ways!

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