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America has over 92,000 public agencies, including more than 3,000 counties. All of these agencies face unprecedented challenges to the conduct of the public's business with efficiency and minimum liabilities. Many of these liabilities stem from the Human Resources field. There is no sign that these risks will be removed or reducing in the future.

A wide array of laws, court case precedents, civil service rules, employer handbooks, union contracts, vested employment rights, inappropriate behaviors, unusual circumstances, and pressures for change have contributed to "full employment" for those who would challenge public employers. These include lawyers, union business agents, aggrieved employees, applicants, and others.

Against this background, a pro-active human resources staff can be an agency's "first line of defense". It can also be a major agent for innovation and progressive change for the organization.

Most public agencies - especially smaller ones - do not devote sufficient staff and attention to the human resources function. Often the function is reactive and traditional, lacking an understanding of the need for innovation and flexibility in the field. It often has or is perceived as having a rigid, narrow vantage point. Often a small HR staff cannot respond to acute needs, let alone have the capacity to act strategically in planning for the future. The reality is that every manager needs to be an HR professional, but many are not prepared for this responsibility. While most public agencies have an HR function, all can be aided by a long term, stable source of support and expertise to improve effectiveness and reduce risks.

That is an important role for the HR DOCTOR - experienced, common sense, practitioners who understand the practical problems and needs of a local government and know how to help. The HR DoctorŽ, Inc. will be a strategic asset to the agency as well as a source of immediate advice and support with "tactical" problem-solving.

About the HR Doctor
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