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National Association of Counties * Washington, DC / Vol. 30, No. 14 * July 20, 1998

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"Jane Jelinski - All the Best"

The HR Doctor has repeatedly written about the importance of recognition for missions accomplished and jobs well done. I now have the chance to practice what I preach with a particularly important contributor to NACo and to ethical, effective public administration in general.

Gallatin County, Mont. Commissioner Jane Jelinski has ended one part of her public service by leaving office as a county commissioner. "Endings" are also "beginnings," and Jane has a new role which, fortunately for NACo, will continue her work in improving county government. Jane is the new assistant executive director of the Montana Association of Counties.

For all the years that I have known Jane and worked with her in service to America's counties, she has always been a tireless champion of employment practices that are built around respect, accountability and fun in delivering public services. Jane has years of service on the NACo Board of Directors, as a steering committee chair, an advisor to NACo presidents and staff and as a frequent conference presenter, usually on matters related to human resources.

She knows that counties can deliver effective public service when the staff is motivated, trained and held accountable for results. She also knows that supervisors and mangers need elected officials who recognize and reward achievement, as well as criticize constructively. Jane is a role model for many of us who have had the pleasure to work with her as a commissioner.

On behalf of the National Association of County Human Resource Officers, NACo and people in the Human Resource profession, congratulations and best wishes to former county commissioner, and continued colleague, Jane Jelinski. She is truly an "Honorary HR Doctor."


Phil Rosenberg
The HR Doctor


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