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July 03, 2006
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 The H.R. Doctor Is In

The Peace of the Morning

There is no better time, at least for the HR Doctor, to be at peace, to be productive and to feel connected to the world than very early in the morning. This time is known to my military friends as "BMNT" - Beginning Morning Nautical Twilight. The sun is not up yet and the weather is cool (especially if you live in Florida!). The world is waking up and you can be a part of it.

It is a time when the HR Dog, Kamala, and I go for long walks. We are less interrupted in our communing by the sound of large trucks, annoyingly loud motorcycles and other peace disrupters. It is in effect a non-technical version of noise-canceling headphones.

Each of us consciously or unconsciously finds a time during our day when we feel the most productive. For some insomniac friends, that may be in the still of the middle of the night. For many people, this time coincides with work hours. For teenagers, it is highly unlikely to occur before a long weekend hibernation period of sleeping in. Whatever this time of greatest peace and productivity is for each individual, it is a time not to be squandered.

Use that special time to cultivate creativity, joy and health. Use it as a time to be doing some form of exercise. The HR Doctor suggests daily, increasingly aggressive walks with a friend such as Kamala. Use it as a time of quiet contemplation or as a time to organize your thoughts and actions for the rest of the day or week ahead. Avoid watching that precious time go down the gaping drain hole opened by too much television, video gaming or any particular activity that may not put you at peace.

It is also a quiet time to think about how to say thank you to people at work and at home - such as the wonderful HR Spouse Charlotte - who make your life easier or your work more successful and enjoyable. It can be a time for mental Tai Chi in which you seek to improve your balance and experience being closer to nature. Of course, it is extremely difficult to be "close to nature" when you are in a highly urbanized, cement-filled, crowded environment such as that which is emerging in South Florida. Even if you live there instead of in California’s Yosemite Valley, or near Glacier National Park in Montana, time like "BMNT" or its evening counterpart "EENT" - End of Evening Nautical Twilight, should be deliberately sought out.

Find that time for quiet reflection and at a time that is best for you. Deliberately kick out of your brain during this time: things like CNN, the thought of a long commute to work, balancing a checkbook, surviving the latest onslaught by some auditor or other disruptive influence.

It’s true that the HR Doctor is a child of the 1960s and occasionally utters words like meditation, peace or joy. However, over the years this author has learned that to be your best requires finding quiet reflective opportunities for balancing. It is increasingly hard to do that. You can’t be at your best unless you are at peace with yourself Ñ at least not on any sustained basis.

So, as this article is dictated early in the morning after a walk with Kamala, even with the HR Doctor’s hyper-busy week ahead, the immediate future seems quieter and more enjoyable already. The busier you think you are, the more important it is to find time for peaceful, thoughtful reflection.

All the best,

Phil Rosenberg
The HR Doctor


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